First Dye Release

We performed our first dye release at Los Pe̱asquitos Lagoon on Friday, January 20, 2023, with much success. We began the release at 9am just inside the mouth of the river. The morning presented larger waves that we expected, and the initial plume outflow demonstrated trapping in the surfzone. A southward alongshore current carried the plume inside the surfzone towards the south, with a few visible surfzone ejections due to eddy activity. Later in the day the waves died down, and the plume escaped into a beautiful offshore nearly symmetric plume, with a slight southward orientation. We had a wonderful turnout of volunteers helping with all aspects of the project Рfrom drifter chasing, to communicating with the public, to helping keep folks clear of the drone launch and landing site, and even a few volunteers hiking up the Torrey Pines Guy Fleming trail to take some photos at the CoastSnap station. Initial images from our drone are included, with lots more information coming soon.